Chasing your dreams and fulfilling your destiny

Chasing your dreams and fulfilling your destiny

There was a time I was so stagnant in my life but my dreams kept rolling around in my heart. How was I going to make my dream a reality? Was it just going to come? Was it going to knock me over the head?

It wasn’t until I heard a message about stepping out on faith. Meeting God halfway. It wasn’t about me sitting in my room waiting for things to change. Or randomly meeting someone in the grocery store whisking me away.

We have to do the work!! Our dreams and desires were given to us to be fulfilled. Not just imagined or wished.

I was afraid to chase my dreams because I wondered what would happen if I failed? What if I heard God wrong? Maybe I wouldn’t be good enough? I used my lack of experience or training to make me think I wasn’t worthy but let me tell you, what God has placed in you, your fears or doubts can’t STOP IT!!

Whatever your dream is, start chasing it NOW! Don’t let another day go by where you haven’t put your dream in motion. Maybe it’s writing your first paragraph, doodling your first illustration or using your phone to start snapping pictures outside. Start small and dream big!

Dreams are meant to be fulfilled not wasted 💚

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  1. Absolutely love this you’re so right we question things until we become paralysed from it instead we need keep pushing ahead

  2. If your dreams of what you want to do came from God, you should definitely sit before the Lord and ask Him how to get there! No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

  3. When GOD gives a vision, the Almighty allows his word to be seen. If you heard the word and you see it happening then persue it so the people can see God’s mighty string hand…. Dreams are likened to visions, like Joseph. Dreams are also a prophetic word which you guard within your heart, so enjoy your dreams if it is according to the Father’s will and is purposeful… If you worried then check it out within the bible..

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