Heir to the Throne

Heir to the Throne

I was thinking how some non-believers view Christians as weak. Like, we just let the world walk all over us because we don’t seek revenge, we are quick to forgive and for some of us we’re just too nice.

Well, let me tell ya something. In this day in age, it is SSSSOOOOOO hard trying to keep it together that I for sure, need to call on God constantly!! Christianity is a LIFESTYLE. Jesus didn’t say it was going to be EASY getting to heaven. The road is narrow. That means everyday we have to die to self. Everyday, we have to cast our cares to God. Everyday, I have to let Him take the wheel because I just might drive off a cliff! Everyday, I have to keep my mouth SHUT not offend those who have offended me.

If someone wants to look at me as WEAK, I will hold that title PROUDLY!! ‘Cause I know the One I serve will make EVERYTHING alright. It may not come today, next year or before I die but I do know, one day I will be wearing that crown and standing on the right side of my Savior.

My friends, you’re not weak because in our weakness we are made strong through our Heavenly Father 💚

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