We are not perfect humans. We will fail at something. We will make mistakes over and over again. We will choose the red pill over the blue pill and wish we chose the blue pill. You catch my drift.

We will NEVER be perfect. Not here on earth. It’s impossible. We live in a dark evil system and sin is everywhere. Someone will do something to us and eventually we will do something to them.

One thing we can work on, is just being better everyday and extending grace to ourselves and others. I know I’m guilty! I think because I’m one way, that others “should” be the same. I have to remind myself that everyone is on a different path with their faith. What I do shouldn’t be forced on them and vice versa.

We are all trying to make it in this world and if we remove the idea of “perfection” in people, we will see each other as He sees us;  as imperfect creatures created in His image 💚

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