Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror

What a glorious Tuesday it is my friends! It’s another day to move forward in your future. The pains, trials, heartaches, failures, disappointments and tears of yesterday are in your past.

Don’t let today and every day after prohibit you from moving forward. When you’re driving, we are taught to GLANCE in the rear view mirror, not STARE. If you glance too long, you won’t see what’s ahead of you.

Learn from your past and move on. There’s nothing to dwell on. You have been given another opportunity; don’t waste it 💚

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  1. This was our theme last week in family Bible. God has given us a glorious future and is always making things new so there is no need to stay in the past or dwell on it. Learn from it, remember the good, and keep pressing on. (Phil. 3:14)

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