Don’t Measure Your Success By Others

Don’t Measure Your Success By Others

We all have something we’re destined to do but for some reason we believe we’re not included. We think success is for others but not us.

Let me tell you friend, success is for everyone but it starts when you believe you can be. God can show you the door but you have to be willing to walk through it.

Starting something new is scary. You don’t know how it will turn out but that’s okay. You have to learn to take RISKS. You have to step out on faith and believe in YOURSELF.

Success isn’t defined by how much money you make or what car you’re able to buy. Success is knowing who you are and the love  you give to others. Success is being the best you can be everyday when the weight is heavy on your shoulders. Success is when you finish  college in your middle age or when you get all of your kids prepared for their future. Success  is when someone tells you you can’t but you do it anyway.

Success comes in various ways but it starts with believing in yourself. Today my friends, BELIEVE. IN. YOU. and all the great things you can do 💚

6 Replies to “Don’t Measure Your Success By Others”

  1. Yes, we should not compare our success to others but grow in whatever ways God would have us grow, and then we will have success with whatever God wants us to do, which will look different than everyone else.

  2. Yes, God has a great plan for each of us and will direct us when we seek him! It’s a plan that will be successful for us. Following him and obeying him is the best! Thank you for sharing!

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